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Please note that due to the current labor shortage groom times may be longer than usual. We are hopeful this will resolve soon.

Experience the Daisy Difference

Daisy’s is committed to offering the very best pet care services at reasonable prices. All of our service providers have many years of experience and our passion for personal care and attention to you and your animal is second to none! Come in and “Experience the Daisy Difference” for yourself!

We strive to offer only the best pet care services. Our facility is very best in Puyallup area. In addition to industry standard sanitation, we use UVC antiviral air filtration and autoclaves to ensure pet, worker and customer safety. Our services include dog washing, dog grooming, flea removal, nail trimming, health and safety services, pet daycare, and dog walking.

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Our Services - Please note all services may be limited or unavailable at times due to changing Covid-19 conditions

Dog Grooming

Grooming isn’t just all about looks, its also about the health and well-being of your pet.

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Dog Washing

Just need a wash? Daisy’s has you covered. We’ll wash your dog for you quickly and in most cases…
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Doggy Daycare & Walking

Have errands to run for the day but afraid you won’t be back in time to let the dog out? We’ve got you covere…
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Nail Trims

When dogs nails become too long they can’t stand on their feet properly leading to joint and tendon issues…
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Health & Safety Services

Fleas, excessive nail growth, matting/pelting, glad impaction, and ear infections are just some of the many health and safety problems that plague pets. At Daisy’s the health and safety of your pet is our top priority…
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