We are proud to offer the very best dog grooming in the Puyallup area!

What is The Daisy Difference?

Daisy’s Pet Grooming has only the best dog groomers. We pride ourselves in offering you and your pet the best service and best value in the industry. Our staff strive to be the best in every aspect of the pet grooming experience. We use the highest quality shampoos and conditioners, the best equipment, and have the most modern pet grooming facility to keep your pet looking good and enjoying its visit. Our groomers and staff are at the center of your experience and we ensure your pet is treated as if it was our own.

At Daisy’s the well being of your pet is of paramount importance! Every pet that is placed in our care is treated with the same care we provide to our own animals. We have best dog groomers and other pet groomers for animal grooming. Arriving at the grooming shop can be a stressful time for our furry friends. All of our dog groomers take care of each and every thing in your absence. However, if for any reason our dog groomer and other pet groomers feel that your pet is overly stressed and acting in a way that may cause itself or our staff harm we will cease work and call you right away. Our dog groomers and pet groomers are committed to take utmost care of your pet.

Do you know what water is being used on your pet at the grooming shop? Most people assume their pets will receive fresh bath water and soap when they pay for a grooming. However this is not the case with many of our competitors. Unfortunately there are many grooming shops, both independent and chain operations that reuse water and soap in an attempt to save money. You will NEVER have to worry about this at Daisy’s. Daisy’s pet grooming drains our tubs between every bath and provides each pet with fresh soap and water for the most sanitary, cleanest bath you can get.

The little things. These are just as important to us as the major goals when getting your pet groomed. Next time your pet comes by notice the way the feet are scissored, the pads of the feet are shaved, the private areas trimmed, the ears are cleaned, and the way the coat feels. At Daisy’s our basic grooming service provides what others charge extra for at a level of quality that is unmatched. All this and you can have the peace of mind of knowing we will care for your pet like it is our own. That’s The Daisy Difference, and we’re proud to say we deliver it everyday!