groomingGrooming isn’t just all about looks, its also about the health and well-being of your pet. We perform a nail trim as standard with all of our grooms because when dogs nails become too long they can’t stand on their feet properly leading to joint and tendon issues. To help prevent injury on slippery surfaces, we trim the hair between the pads of the feet, providing
groomingyour pet with more grip and lessening the likelihood of slipping and falling.  Your pet may not need a full grooming every time but it is important to keep your pet attended to in areas such as the face, feet and private areas.

We live in the Pacific Northwest where many of our double-coated furry friends shed year-round. Shaving them can be dangerous to their skin,  coat, and ability to maintain a stable body temperature. We offer a great “shed-less” package that will keep their coat looking great and you vacuuming less!

Because our services are important for your pet we do our best to save you money on regular grooming by offering pre-scheduling discounts. We have a no-stress policy and work at a pace your pet is comfortable with. If you need your pet’s groom done with extra speed, ask about our express service. We close at 5:30 but don’t leave until the last pet looks fabulous.