Our pets don’t have a voice, its up to their loving owners to ensure they are well cared for and not suffering. At Daisy’s we are here to help you keep your pet safe and healthy.

Whether its fleas, excessive nail growth, mats that tear at the skin, impacted anal glands or many of the other common problems you see affecting the health and safety of your pet, we can help. If it’s beyond our ability to provide care we will put you in touch with someone who can. Your pet’s welfare matters!

A special note on fleas:

Fleas are never good for our pets or our home. At Daisy’s the health and safety of your pet is our top priority. If we detect fleas at any point during any of our services we treat your pet immediately with both an oral product and a topical flea killing product. Combined, these two products kill all fleas that come in contact with your pet for the next 24 hrs.  This leaves your pet flea-free and provides you time to purchase a long-term flea treatment product.